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Shura Lipovsky

'She is without question one of the most important performers behind the revival of Jewish music and Jewish song: Shura Lipovsky…' (Review Concert 2-16-2011, Concertgebouw Amsterdam)

'Who listens to Shura Lipovsky, also known as the ‘Grande Dame’ of Yiddish songs, agrees immediately. Charm and stage presence of the singer are overwhelming ..' (Review concert Bonner Klezmertage” 12-04-2012, Bonn)

Shura Lipovsky was born in The Hague (Netherlands) and is a highly valued performer of Yiddish song on the international stage. Writer and composer of new Yiddish songs, she appears worldwide as a singer and storyteller.

She studied singing at the Rotterdam conservatory with Margreet Honig, the Yiddish language with Mira Rafalowicz, and at the Oxford Summer University and at Maison de la Culture Yiddish in Paris.

She finished a dance education at the Dutch institute of folklore LCA in 1987. In 2005/2006 she studied at l‘Ecole Internationale de théâtre de Jacques Lecoq in Paris.

She studied Cabalistic concepts with several teachers in Europe and the United States.


Shura Lipovsky performed in Europe, Scandinavia, Israel, Russia, the United States and Canada.

Highlights of her career:

Lipovsky gave the Commemoration Concert of the 50th Anniversary of the Ghetto Uprising in Warsaw Philharmonia (1993).

She participated in the Klezmer Extravaganza with Yitskhak Perlman in New York (1996), opened in 2002 the International Jewish Music festival in Amsterdam with her ensemble ‘Yiddishe Veltn’ (Monique Lansdorp, Bart Lelivelt a.o.) and in 2009 performed in Carnegy Hall with her quartet ‘Serendipity 4’ (Theodore Bikel, Tamara Brooks and Merima Kljuco).

For the LIza Ferschtman Chamber Music festival in Delft, Lipovsky gave a concert with pianist Jacques Verheyen, which was life broadcast on radio 4, Dutch National Radio, in 2009.

In 2011 Shura Lipovsky premiered with her new ensemble 'Novaya Shira' in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. The concert was sold out and received with great success.

Her Hassidic story-program ‘Outside of Eden’ was performed in Europe, Sweden and the United States, accompanied by accordionist Bart Lelivelt and later by pianist Tamir Chasson. The stories were alternatively told in Dutch, English, German or Yiddish.


Shura Lipovsky teaches masterclasses for professional singers, workshops on Yiddish song repertoire and she developed a model of Hassidic teachings and Kabbalah, ‘The Meditative Voice’: Jewish mystical melodies, meditation and movement.

She taught at the International Jewish Music Competition in Amsterdam, at MCY- Bibliothèque Medem in Paris, the Oxford Summer University, Summer-University in Vilna, Yiddish in Stockholm, at Klezfests in St. Petersburg, KlezKanada, London, Weimar and Paris. She taught ‘Meditative Voice’ at the Center for Jewish spirituality Elat Chayyim in New York, the Zentrum für Bewegung & Bewustsein’ in Portugal and in various other spiritual centers in Europe.

For the last seven years she has been the artistic director of the Jewish Summer Song-School in London for the Jewish Music Institute (JMI).

Since 2005 Shura Lipovsky has a choir for Yiddish songs in MCY-Bibliothèque Medem.

In 2008 and 2012 she was a member of the jury for the International Jewish Music Competition in Amsterdam.


By means of singing, dancing and storytelling, Shura Lipovsky is active in inter-religious dialogue and she is a member of Musicians without Borders (MwB), located in the Netherlands. MwB does peace-work through music and dance in countries experiencing ethnic conflicts and war.

She worked with spiritual leaders of different religions, such as the German priest and Zen-Master Willigis Jaeger (Benediktushof, Holzkirchen), Sheich Bashir Ahmad Dultz (Moslim Liga, Bonn) and the Sufi-master Ingo Taleb Rashid from Irak.

In 2003 Shura Lipovsky taught Jewish mystical melodies, nigunim in Sarajevo to the inter-religious choir Pontanima, collaborating with choral conductor and director of MwB, Laura Hassler.

In 2004 she produced a Jewish/Bosnian song program in collaboration with Musicians Without Borders and performed with the intercultural Mostar Sinfonietta. For this project she invited Bosnian accordionist Merima Kljuco to participate and the American guest-conductor Tamara Brooks (z’’l) to conduct for the occasion of the second conference of Musicians Without Borders in Utrecht.

In 2005 the American singer\actor Theodore Bikel (z’’l) joined the project, which toured through Poland in june 2005, under the name ‘Bridge to Peace’. A documentary under the same title ‘Bridge to Peace’ has been made by the Dutch journalist Rob Simons.

Since 2007 Theodore Bikel (z’’l), Tamara Brooks (z’’l), Merima Kljuco and Shura Lipovsky have formed a quartet under the name ‘Serendipity 4’. In 2009 the quartet performed in Carnegie Hall.

Films and documentaries

Shura Lipovsky is co-featured in the documentary ‘Yiddish Soul’ (2005) by filmmakers Turi and Nathalie Finnociaro.

In the documentary ‘Terpe Kind Mains, Terpe’ (2009) Shura Lipovsky performs the composition ‘Biography’ of Jeff Hamburg.

In 2012 Shura Lipovsky was featured in a documentary on Dutch national television: ‘Jiddisj is mijn instrument’ by Pamela Sturhoofd.

In May 2013 ‘Journey 4 Artists’, a film by Michele Noble (Los Angeles filmmaker), premiered at "7th Zagreb Jewish Film Festival-Festival of Tolerance". The film contains music and interviews on peace-work and the arts with the ensemble Serendipity 4.

In 2014 her ensemble ‘Novaya Shira’ was filmed and recorded in Amsterdam with her new compositions for the project: ‘Wandering Muse’ by Tamas Wormser from Montreal, to be shown on Canadian Television, later that year.

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Cd Productions Shura Lipovsky

Moments of Jewish Life: Syncoop Produkties (The Netherlands 1993)
(Moments of Jewish life: American Edition Omega:

Jews and Christians: Music in Medieval Spain - Ensemble Antequera - Syncoop Produkties (The Netherlands 1996);

Heroes and Poets/Giboyrim un Poetn: Extraplatte (Vienna, Austria 2003);

Tsart, Tenderness in Word and Sound, with Monique Lansdorp and Jan Rokyta: Lipovsky Productions/Music & Words (The Netherlands 2006);

Vrouwvolk and friends life: Musicians Without Borders (2002)
(two solos by Shura Lipovsky: Anderleto and Durme, Durme):

Vaytinke, Old and new Yiddish songs with ensemble Novaya Shira. Lipovsky Productions/Music & Words (The Netherlands 2013);

(See ‘discography’)