Mikey Houdini. Obviously the one with the short hair
Mikey Houdini. Obviously the one with the short hair
Rescue exercise in Zierbena (Spain)
Rescue exercise in Zierbena (Spain)

This is the personal web site of Yvan Figueiras-Ruiz, writer –winner of the I and the VII International Prize of Historical Divulgation Juan Antonio Cebrián, commercial diver, photographer and graphic designer, as well as being a collaborator of the Radio Nacional de España program Espacio en Blanco and a member of the remembered radio show Dimensión Límite. The site is created as a personal portfolio, with sections devoted to my published books and articles and to one of my true passions: homemade robotics. In this last section we’ll be also including our radio interventions in Espacio en Blanco and other shows about this fascinating subject.

We include a modest blog, where we’ll be commenting a “Featured Image”, so that nobody can doubt that the incredibles images that we can see in magazines o professional web sites aren’t that difficult. They really are at the grasp of everybody with a little amateur equipment.

We are working in a series of photography tutorials to show our visitors some of the least know techniques: freezing the explosion of a balloon, turning water into smoke… even catching the Milky Way o projecting an image INSIDE a water drop.

If you need help in the creation o maintenance of your web page, you can write to us in the contact section.

Thanks for visiting our site. We hope that the continuous renovations aren’t too annoying.

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La Rosa de los Vientos – Interview about Aaron Kosminski

Aaron Kosminski

It seems we have the last try to pull our leg with pseudo news related to Jack the Ripper. This time they try to sells us that the case is solved: Aaron Kosminski is the East End murderer. Heck, no! Between the great Silvia Casasola and I we try to demosntrate that this is not true in La Rosa de los Vientos, last sunday. You can listen to the excerpt of the program here:


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Jack the Ripper: case open

Jack el Destripador: caso abierto es el dossier de investigación más completo sobre los crímenes que tiñeron de sangre el barrio londinense de Whitechapel durante todo un otoño de terror. Hoy conocemos los perfiles de aquellas mujeres que fueron víctimas de un arma de doble filo: la sociedad que las marginó relegándolas al alcohol, la miseria y la prostitución; y la mano del asesino que aprovechó las cloacas de la sociedad de la época para asesinar impunemente. La obra, merecedora del VII Premio Juan Antonio Cebrián, se adentra en la escena del crimen poniendo sobre la mesa fichas de sospechosos, evidencias, recortes de prensa, perfiles de las víctimas, contexto social y las más recientes investigaciones, convirtiendo al lector en el auténtico detective.