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Louis Girard created the sawmill in 1920 ; then the steam engine had only a capacity of sawing 500m3 a year. After nearly a century of the sawmill being handed to young generation Maurice Girard then the grandson Didier Girard, it is now being run by Marc Hardy who has been working at the sawmill for more than 25 years.
Now the sawmill at the digital age handle 9000m3 a year with ease.


Our values

Only by working towards the durability of our forest supplies mainly in bercé and perseigne forests(for oak; in sarthe , france)and
by maintaining a constant regrowth and the diversity of the forest species under the control of ONF(french national forrest office)
and the PEFC(Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) can our business run and grow healthily.




Our engagements

A team of 16 passionates workers propose only 1rst quality products and in time delivery to our demanding customers;
every products sold on our site is sawn on our site as we do not use subcontracting.


Our products

Our range of oak products includes carpentry any size beams and posts ; fencing any size posts ;joinery
even bent beam for old building.
We ll try to satisfy all your oak needs knowing we have the best of tools in machining and planing and best of french oak.


Price samples

Prices given are for products to be collected at our site in La Chapelle Saint Rémy ; Sarthe ; France


 Contact Us

In order to get in touch with our export department, please contact us by email: export@scierie-girard.fr